Goodwyn tea review

Review notes for Goodwyn assorted tea collection, ordered from worst to best:

  • Green tea

    This tea could have been stronger. the after taste was rather bitter leading to an over all distasteful experience. This tea just did not meet my expectations from a green tea, having tried other alternatives from both Goodwyn and other brands.

  • Tulsi green tea

    A vast improvement from the pure green tea, this one has no lingering after taste and the tea is strong too. While still not the best green tea flavor offered by this brand, I think it is comparable to Organic India’s Tulsi green tea. While initially I did not like this taste so much, it has grown on me, which leads me to believe that this tea needs hotter water or longer seep in time for better results.

  • Kashmiri Kahwa

    Nothing much to report for this tea except that it has a mild spicy flavor to it, so go for it if you are into that sort of a thing. It is for that reason, I suspect this tea will go really well with a little milk in it, and I can see it being desirable in cold places.

  • Classic Assam

    The smoothest tea of the lot. The black tea flavor is distinctive in this one, something tea drinkers in India are most familiar with, but I am not sure how many people drink this tea without milk. It holds well enough for me to want to savour it.


Written on December 6, 2016