Useful notes


Jan 19, 11:55 pm, Saturday

  • :bust_in_silhouette: EPLS reflection paper

Jan 26, 11:55 pm, Saturday

  • :busts_in_silhouette: EPLS group work
    • Please identify a company within your study group about which you can gather most data.
    • Examine, outline and summarise its business strategy and challenges as of 2018 .
    • Find out what people management practices and programs it currently has.
    • Critique them from the point of view their fit with company’s business strategy and challenges and Identify what is working and what is not.
    • Recommend areas of improvement in what people managers should do differently to lead the company more effectively in its chosen direction.
    • Length: Not more than 5 pages (10 sides, formatting same as individual submission - as mentioned in the course outline).

Jan 27, Sunday

  • :clipboard: EPLS Exam MCQs, based on key points of slides

Feb 10, 14:00, Sunday

  • :school: Checkin Park Avenue Rochester, Singapore.

Feb 11, Monday

  • :school: International immersion, Singapore.


  • :clipboard: Exam
  • :bust_in_silhouette: Individual Assignment
  • :busts_in_silhouette: Group Assignment
  • :computer: Online Class
  • :school: Campus Class
  • :microphone: Speaker Session

Immersion FAQ

  • Can I get my spouse?

Yes, at your own expense. You will have to contact the hotel directly

  • Do we need hotel confirmation from college for applying visa?

Yes, it will be required while applying visa and it will be provided to class soon. Asha has the confirmation and it will be sent out.

  • Which embassy do I need to apply my singapore visa from ?

Your travel agent or if going via ISB agent then sudarshan can guide you on this, you can check with them ( / As per information available to me, Hyderabad -> chennai, (Mumbai, Pune) -> Mumbai. we will send out google form to collect your residence details and passport issue location, that will be shared with Asha for 2 reason, update he invitation letter and also for travel agent so that they can collate and apply in bulk.

  • What type of visa we will be applying (Tourist / Business)


  • What about our spouses and other member travelling with us? what is their visa type ?

They will also go with tourist visa, and you will need to take care of it, we won’t be able to provide any support for it. You may contact ISB agent if you wish

  • what is the checklist for the documents?

    • Original passport including old passports
    • Four color photos size 35x45mm with 70% face covered white background matt finish
    • Visa form duly filled & signed
    • Return air ticket
    • Hotel stay in Singapore/Campus address/Stay address
    • Personal bank statements duly stamped & signed by banker for latest 6 months
    • Invitation letter from Singapore
    • V39 form duly completed & signed scan copy from Singapore
    • Authorization form
    • Questionnaire form duly filled
    • ISB ID card copy
    • Leave cum NOC letter from ISB granting leave for student to travel aboard
    • Personal visa request letter from applicant (sample attached)
    • If trip is sponsored by father , Required NOC cum sponsorship letter & his passport copy
    • His Latest 6 months bank statements duly stamped & signed.
    • If passport issued Outside Hyderabad, required local Address proof letter from ISB & Rental agreement copy